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Let’s make ‘Project Brailler and Common Sense’ a reality

We are a parent-led movement looking to equip our Blind and Visually Impaired Children as well as others, with the appropriate tools needed for them to live a full and independent life. At present, our focus is on Smart Braillers and Mobility Canes, neither of which is necessarily provided to all children.  Please show your support here:  

Kristy hambrook

Blind Lily-Grace told she is not allowed her cane in school due to Health & Safety….!

Lily Grace started using the cane in school in April. Her mother Kristy said it had become “an extension of her daughter’s arm” and that it was vital she was allowed to use it. She added: “It is a disability, but I want to celebrate it and make sure she can become independent. “When the school told me she can no …

PB lily cane

White Cane Safety Day – 15th October

Have you ever wondered exactly how a person walking with a white cane (not stick) is actually being assisted? October 15 is National White Cane Safety Day, which acknowledges the independence and skill of people with visual impairments who use a white cane to navigate. To celebrate National White Cane Saftey Day, Bill Winters has put together 10 fascinating facts about …