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The Perkins Smart Brailler – demo

Here is a demo of the alphabet being typed on The Perkins Smart Brailler with audio feedback, speaking letters and words in real-time as they are being brailled. The LCD screen displays Braille font and print. You can also choose from contracted or uncontracted braille. Perfect for the whole family to get involved! Watch the video to see for yourself. …

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Let’s make ‘Project Brailler and Common Sense’ a reality

We are a parent-led movement looking to equip our Blind and Visually Impaired Children as well as others, with the appropriate tools needed for them to live a full and independent life. At present, our focus is on Smart Braillers and Mobility Canes, neither of which is necessarily provided to all children.  Please show your support here:  


Blind Kids Can!

Braille Revolution! Special thanks to Common Sense Canes for blogging about Project Brailler and championing our hard work in raising a Braille profile.  We love your blogs! A whole raft of positive, parent-led support of Braille is raising its head, championed by Project Brailler. The notion that Braille becoming obsolete and is ‘too difficult’ is sadly spreading amongst professionals- suggesting …


Press Release 18/05/15 – Bringing Education of British Blind Children into the 21st Century

In addition to petitioning the UK Government, Project Brailler are raising a profile all over the UK. Read here why your support is so necessary and truly will help blind and VI children in their education. If you would like to donate to Project Brailler, you can do so here.