Why a SMART Brailler?

The SMART Brailler opens the door to a new, more intuitive way for individuals, both sighted and blind, to communicate, teach and learn braille together.

  • Students can take initiative in their braille education and have FUN while doing it
  • Teachers in a mainstream classroom can see what their students are brailling
  • Sighted parents can help their visually impaired children with homework

How does the SMART Brailler do this?

  • Student motivation to learn is dramatically increased due to the automatic feedback on what they are writing, so they can take ownership of their work and enjoy the learning process
  • Its video screen and audio feedback – shows and speaks letters and words in real-time as they are being brailled in SimBraille or large print
  • USB port – create a hard copy document in braille and save it as a text file, so a teacher with sight can upload the document onto a computer and read it in print
  • “Building on Patterns Series” – developed by the American Printing House for the Blind, can be downloaded to the SMART Brailler, offering easy lessons for anyone – sighted or blind – who wants to learn braille (Included on APH version only. For others – available for download for a fee)

No other education tool makes learning braille this intuitive and accessible. And there is no other product on the market that bridges the gap between low-technology devices like the Perkins Brailler and high-technology notetakers.