lily cane walking

A poem for Lily-Grace by Dave Steele.

For those that missed it I wrote this for Lily-Grace

We try to teach our children to treat others just the same.
To celebrate our differences, “it’s only right” we claim.

But there’s still so much work to do, till we have won this race.
No clearer than the story of amazing Lily-Grace.

A little girl through cruellest twist, so young she lost her sight.
She found her way around the world, led by a cane of white.

It gave her independence, was to her an essential tool.
So why on earth has she been told, to not bring it to school!

For health and safety reasons, she’s a risk to all those near.
It seems the worlds gone policy mad. Teach children blind to fear.

But we will not sit back and watch, this madness carry on.
For Lily-Grace and her white cane, risk to others there is none.

No viable excuse, what you say cannot be fair.
To take away her cane is same to take away a wheelchair.

So hear our plea, let blind girl see, admit you’ve got it wrong.
Let Lily-Grace and her white cane be back where they belong.

By Dave Steele (c)

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